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John Mogan and Ashley Duboe were arrested in September in connection with a bank robbery in Ashville, Ohio.

The bank was robbed on August 24 when a man wearing a hoodie demanded cash from a teller.

Those of us who are lucky enough to live in The Mountain Empire of Arizona experience four seasons of weather, each of them with a gentle touch.

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We have posted a few signs around that children are less than welcome in Buffalo Gals.

We seriously can do without their grubby hands on the cards, and you can be sure they won't be asking embarrassing questions about content.

Sure, I do get my car washed once or twice a year and I enjoy seeing the cards, but Buffalo Gals has cards from small presses you have never heard of!

Shannon Martin, Patience Brewster, Pondering Pool, Foxy Blunt, Smart Alex, and at least 10 other small presses who stay abreast of the times and the humor.

After ascertaining that Whitby was alive and not seriously injured, the second truck driver, Sergi Karplyuk, asked if he could take a picture.