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According to Jayne Stars, upon noticing the paparazzi, they immediately went their separate ways.

Bosco came clean about the relationship to reporters today (March 12) saying that they "are still in the beginning stages". ” She is apparently in Hong Kong on a short vacation.

They did not keep in touch but reunited again earlier this year at another shoot.

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Whether they were at the wedding or on the road, Myolie and her boyfriend were spotted kissing each other several times.

The next day, Phillip sent Myolie to the airport, and the two also did not stop kissing.

He asked for the media to let them "get to know one each other." When asked about how far they've gotten to know each other, he explained: “We haven’t even had the chance yet. Bosco shared that there is no language barrier between them despite their different nationalities as they communicate in English.

The pair met in 2014 filming a nutritional food product commercial.

Lastly, she expressed that the most important thing in this relationship is that other than Phillip's love for her, he also teaches her how to become a better person.