Boss master list not updating Chat room thaisex

You run BOSS once more and now you are back where you started and have to reorganise your load order yet again.

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When I change the value in Lookup Field (Title of the document) in Source List it doesn't reflect the updated value in Master Reports list in which this lookup field is being used. Update(); Hi Guys, Let me make it more clear actually, I am changing the Lookup value in source list (to which this lookup field is mapped to, Title field of a document library) and this field is added in a target list.

It doesn't show the updated value in Master Reports but when I click on the value it shows me the updated value. So when I change the title of the document it should reflect the change in target list.

You run BOSS, which places all your unrecognised mods at the end of your Load Order.

You then carefully place these unrecognised mods in the order you want them loaded and all is great until you have to run BOSS again.

Ya even I wondered but this field is deployed in Share Point portal and working fine.