Dating a man who drinks alot on weekends emotionally invalidating

If we, as women, are the only outlets for their feelings and frustrations, sometimes we start to feel like their emotional waste bins, instead of their lovers.

But many sober guys have found a network of support where they can vent and share their feelings.

What’s stronger than looking in the face of your demon and saying, “No thanks”? You know that stereotype about guys, where they’d rather drive around for hours than ask for directions?

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I totally trust him and what’s going on, but it happens so frequently during the week (3-4 days a week, while he holds down a demanding job), and he ends up drinking what I think is way too much (4-5 beers per night). But we are both in our 30s, and this is the phase of my life that I’m looking for a life partner and potential father of my children.

Daddy gets up early, makes breakfast, and is happy to be the tickle-monster to happy toddlers who are squealing with joy.

Your sober guy understands that there’s no excuse for being a jerk or making bad decisions —not even alcohol.

Because typical masculinity is stoic and solitary in our society, lots of guys have trouble with emotionally intimate friendships with other guys.

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