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We are committed to getting the facts straight, not in having an opinion. Santuri, is an NGO focused on developing and supporting a vibrant and creative East African network that enables artists and musicians... In the context of Kenya – this is a question which is rarely asked. Musicians – why you need to think like a brand A brand is more than one product – it's an identity.

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With easy access to high quality productions of western and international music, there is an undercurrent of just a few of the radio & TV stations playing these urban/underground artists.

Instead they get heard on the wonderfully loud sound systems of the matatu’s (local cheap public transport) and it’s for that reason that you’ll hear in most songs, both the name of the artist and/or producer called out as part of the Intro or Outro to a song.

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It's always good to report on Kenyans getting involved in serious international projects.