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Try to occur that the adres of your server is getting to public, because it's make's the stream slow for surveiliance. Because your perhaps gonna use Ip network camera's you need a cable network.If possible try to choose a provides witch delivers an Static (WAN) IP. Or a wireless network if you're using wireless ip camera's.

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You can select every block on its own to detect motion, like only on a hole of a birdhouse. Very fun to watch other people home's (NO ADULT STUFF) Search in Google "my webcamxp server! You'll find a lot open webcam XP server free to watch.

Er is een nieuwe module aan de populaire hackertoolkit Metasploit toegevoegd, waarmee de veiligheid van beveiligingscamera's is te testen.

You can also upload a picture for example, every 5 minute's.

Another populair programm is Active Webcam wich is more aimed for surveiliance use.

The program is available in beta version and you can install it even if webcam XP has been already installed on your computer.