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Always be open to meeting someone as you go through your day.The person standing next to you at the post office, at a museum, or while buying a bagel with cream cheese could be right for you.“So I’ve been taking lessons and I’m getting really good.

Your partner in crime needn’t be single; married people are often very competent wingmen or wingwomen since there’s nothing at stake for them.

They are totally focused on finding you your best match.

Everyone, especially at this point in their lives, has some romantic baggage in their closet, and it can be tempting to share your war stories while on a date. Even if your ex-spouse cheated on you or your last blind date was a total bomb, saying so on a date will only make you look bad.

As Harold, 51, often complained to me, “My last four dates talked about their exes and how rotten they were,” he recalls.

But “comfortable” does not mean it’s got an elastic waistband or has been hanging in your closet since the 80’s.

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