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He was slightly towered by flannery in boondock saint about 1 .5 inches average assuming he is even close to 5 11.Massively by there big italian friend and they were little bigger than 5 8 willem.

This photo is from LFCC in 2013, he had about 0.5 inch thicker footwear than me this day. Big chance he is really 5'9 now and 5'9.5 morning and peak 5'9.25 and 5'9.75 morning. In The Walking Dead those scene taken in the evening/night he look like a flat 5'9 i wouldn't go lower. In premiere pics with other actors he can look a solid 5'10".

said on 16/Mar/17 Once you hit 177cm, you shouldn't be considered just a "strong 5'9" anymore. It's fairer to consider Reedus as a very weak 5'10 since he likely is near that around lunchtime. So if giving a mid day height he is 5'9.25 high chance than 5'9.5 said on 24/Nov/16 So I'm late to the party and I just started watching the show. But, on the show and with Rob here, he looks 5'9" at most.

:) My wife (and a lot of women) like him for some reason. For norman he must have jacked his appearance fee by at least double somewhere in the 2012-2013 range because he was going to be a £15 auto/photo guest at previous lfcc 2012 but cancelled, then next year he becomes a £35 guest.

It's like Misha Collins, he's become a WTF, he was at an event last week with Jared and they both were £60 for a photo...about $100.

Milo Ventimiglia - one foot trickster Burn Gorman - 'Burst a gut' 1 second before photo is taken Christian Kane/Norma Reedus - edge a couple of inches forward towards the camera.