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(9) A child may have an expressive language disorder (difficulty in expressing ideas or needs), a receptive language disorder (difficulty in understanding what others are saying), or a mixed language disorder (which involves both).

Some characteristics of language disorders include: Children may hear or see a word but not be able to understand its meaning.

She works with children and adults who have impairments in their speech, voice, or language skills.

These impairments can take many forms, as her schedule today shows. He’s a cutie pie in the first grade and has recently been diagnosed with childhood apraxia of speech—or CAS. Robbie also talks in a monotone, making odd pauses as he tries to form words. It’s not that the muscles of his tongue, lips, and jaw are weak.

You’ll find these expertly described in , a series of resource pages available online at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA): Having the child’s hearing checked is a critical first step.