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In August, at a Franciscus conference at Källskär, Kökar, Högne Jungner at the Laboratory of Radioactive Dating at Helsinki University, presented the mortar dating method.

At the same time the first interdisciplinary research team was formed, consisting of Högne Jungner, Kenneth Gustavsson, Milton Nunez and Åsa Ringbom.

The audience was The Archeological Institute of America and the Iberian Peninsula Society, Speakers: Åsa Ringbom, Jan Heinemeier, Alf Lindroos, from the Scandinavian Mortar Dating Team. Kirkearkaeologiske Symposium, Kalundborg 7-10 juni 2007, Projekten Ålands kyrkor och internationell murbruksdatering, – en lägesrapport. June 12-15 ”The C-14 Ancient Mortar Project: An Interdisciplinary collaboration to develop techniques for AMS dating of concrete and other lime mortar construction materials”.

Åsa Ringbom, Jan Heinemeier och Alf Lindroos, (see publications 2010)March 30, Cambridge, “Mortar Dating in Classical and Medieval Archeology, Second International Conference on Construction History, Queen’s College, March 29-April 2, 2006. April 4, Oxford, 19th International Radiocarbon Conference, AMS mortar dating in Medieval and Classical Archaeology – a decade of development and testing. Planning meeting for the international research team (Jan Heinemeier, Alf Lindroos, Pia Sonck-Koota, Fiona Brock, John Hale, Åsa Ringbom) Bartsgårda, Åland.

A pilot project started, financed by the Academy of Finland.